Your Car’s AC System

car ac repair kitThe air conditioning system in your car is made with many components and if any of those components doesn't work properly, it is likely to malfunction. In order to repair a car AC system, first one should identify the components that is not working properly. Most of the time this is caused due to low refrigerant and problem is just solved by adding refrigerant into it. However, car AC system may be failed because of radiator and coolant system. Therefore, if you can find what component is misbehaving in your ac system then you can fix the problem yourself by using different car ac repair kit. It can save hundreds of your dollar that you have to spend for mechanic.

Car Ac repair kit consists of typical parts that is suitable for car ac repair. Many companies provide this type of kit. In online stores you will get plenty of them. You can buy one of them that are from your car company and keep it in your car for future use. This kit is very easy to use and it’s not a big deal to buy them. This repair kits generally consist of sealing media of all ac plumbing connection, HNBR o-rings, seals and metal gaskets. Now I will discuss about some incident of car ac system that can be repaired by you.

1. To repair a car ac system you first have to collect information as much as you can. Your information will define which of your ac parts is not working and how to fix it. If you see that the car is overheated than usual then problems may not on your ac system. It may be caused due to low coolant or leaks in the hoses or tubes that connected to radiator. If this is the problem then you might have to change the ac fuse boxes and add coolant into the car. Hoses or tubes may have to change or repaired if it leaks.

2. Check the ac clutch while ac turned on and see whether ac cycles or not. If the clutch is turning on and off for every 10-30 second then you have to add right refrigerant into your ac system. If you added wrong refrigerant then your ac system may be seriously damaged. Therefore, pay your attention about it. If it is not cycles then it may be problems that need professionals to solve.

3. Recharge your refrigerant with recharging kit that may be available in your car ac repair kit. If not then you can buy it from shops that price ranges from 10-50 usd depending on the other features. You must read the instructions on the can before recharging the refrigerant. Remember, it’s very important to read the instructions and follow it accordingly. Recharge Freon as much as the car can hold and recharging Freon too much can cause costly repair.

The steps described above can be handled by you. To repair the problems described above you need ac repair kit of car. If you have not any knowledge about car ac system then it’s better not to repair them yourself. Because, it can damage of your system seriously.

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